Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WebFonts update

The initial deployment of #MediaWiki WebFonts has resulted in a large number of reports of large and small issues. Many of them have been fixed they are bug 33025, 33034, 32775, 33096, 33024, 33040 and 33039.  Others have to do with the fonts themselves. During a thorough analysis; the reported issues were recreated in the various browsers and were discussed among the members of the Wikimedia Localisation team. A lot of hard work has followed to fix, review and deploy as a team.

The results have been deployed to the live Wikimedia wikis. A full report was posted to the I18n mailing list. A special word of thanks goes to Bala Yeyaraman and Srikanth L who have been awesome in testing and reporting bugs for several Indic languages.

Please continue testing and give us your feedback.
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