Monday, February 27, 2012

#Cuneiform is supported at

At the last #Wikimedia localisation team's Office hour, one of the questions was if we could support the cuneiform script. I blogged about it and we did find a font for the cuneiform script that was freely licensed. This font has been enabled at

When this font becomes available at for instance the English Wikisource, the text of the Epic of Gilgamesh or the Cyrus cylinder can be made available in the original format and we can be reasonably sure that any device that supports web fonts will show the characters as defined in the Akkadian font.

The Akkadian font is available in the Debian distribution and was developed by George Douros. There are several other fonts for historic texts created by Mr Douros. They can be made available. This however  will happen on request.

English Wikipedia without WebFont support
There is a point to making WebFonts available at this time. However, we will not push this functionality until we are done with a unified interface which integrates both input methods and web fonts. Currently the easiest way of identifying text in another language is using templates eg {{lang-nl|Dit is Nederlands}}.
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