Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have a #mobile, have a menu

When your #Wikipedia does not have a mobile main page yet, with some HTML trickery you can have one. One of the more recent projects to present a menu is the Kannada Wikipedia, I was also told that the Odia Wikipedia recently acquired a menu.

If you want to test if your project has a mobile main page, just include an m between the language code and the project code eg When there is no mobile main page yet, you can find some instructions on the creation of a mobile main page here. Obviously for the best result you have to complete the localisation of the mobile application at

For languages like Odia and Kannada there is one additional bit of nuisance. It is the lack of support for the script used for the language in most browsers. It would be cool when the support of WebFonts is part of the mobile roadmap.
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