Thursday, February 09, 2012

#Run2Day #Almere: Collateral damage

Friends of mine have a running shop. On Monday and Thursday morning I go there because Karin does not feel secure when she is alone.

Today, when I walked to the shop I saw her standing outside, there was a lot of police. They had fire bombed the shop next door for a third time. This time with so much explosive material that a wall between the two shops collapsed.

These !@#$% do not consider what collateral damage may result; there are apartments above the shop. A technical survey had to be done to establish the condition of the roof. They do not consider the trauma they do to people like Kees and Patty (the shop keepers) and Karin, the sales lady. It does affect me; it is why I write this blog post.

Such Mafia practices are what you do not expect in your neighbourhood. It is what you do not expect to touch your life, your mood. Today I am good for nothing so that is what I will do for the rest of the day.
Thanks and sorry for imposing on you all,
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