Friday, February 24, 2012

#Webfonts for an #English language wiki

When a project wants the #MediaWiki WebFonts extension they can ask and, the Localisation team is quite happy to provide and support it on an "as is" basis. Consequently as there is a request from the English Wikisource, we are really happy to grant their wish.

When you read the request, it becomes obvious what the purpose is for the web fonts; grammar books are mentioned; Gesenius' Hebrew GrammarGrammar of the Burmese Language and Sanskrit Grammar and we do have fonts for these languages.

Obviously texts in the English language will not be affected. We do not support fonts for the Latin script yet but we could when it makes sense. The texts that are to be affected by WebFonts need to be identified as being in a specific language. For Hebrew it would be something like {{Lang-he}}. 

The Localisation team wants to have a better user interface to indicate texts in another language. This is when we expect to be ready to suggest enabling WebFonts on something like the English Wikipedia.
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