Thursday, May 31, 2012

#WMDEVDAYS - #Wikidata

Presentations on Wikidata have started. There are enough thought provoking ideas here. Daniel Kintzler presents on the interlanguage links and they did think on how to make information stored in the info-boxes.

Consider a Wikipedia with less then 1000 articles. It is extremely likely that they do not have information about pope John III for instance. When you analyse this English info-box, it has 9 labels. Once these are translated, much of the existing data can just be presented. Date formats can be altered as needed based on the CLDR data. The names may need to be changed based on how a person is known; Benedictus is known as Benedict in English.

Obviously once all this information is validated, you can either create an article or you can provide the template as part of the "not found" information. An other option is to create the article when all the information is validated and show an incomplete info-box when the box needs more work.

We want to share the sum of all knowledge and making use of the info-boxes has potential.

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