Saturday, June 30, 2012

#ImpactOCR - Digital publications and the national libraries

According to the #ISBN standard, the "format/means of delivery are irrelevant in deciding whether a product requires an ISBN". However, it is often assumed that a publication requiring an ISBN number is a commercial publication. In the USA and the UK for instance you have to buy your ISBN number or bar code while in Canada they are free because Canada stimulates Canadian culture.

When a standard is not universally applied, it loses application. When all publications are not registered a national library will have to maintain its own system when it is to collect a copy of all publications. As a result the ISBN is dysfunctional as a standard because it does not function as a standard.

When the Wikisourcerers finish the transliteration of a book, it deserves an ISBN number and, national libraries should be aware of these publications. This recognises and registered the work done in the Open Content world. When these books are registered, all the Open Content projects may know that they can concentrate on another book or source.

As the ISBN does not register all publications, it does not do what it is expected to do; function as a standard. 

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