Friday, June 29, 2012

Learning another language II

Learning to vocalise #Arabic can be done on the Internet. There are websites like Mount Hira where you find Arabic to the right, a transliteration to the left with an explanation in English underneath. What really helps is that you can listen to the recitation of a surah by line.

It is great but there is room for improvement. Improvement that can happen at Mount Hira but also at a Wikisource.
  • Show all the text as text and not as graphics
  • Allow for the Arabic text to be shown in fonts representing different writing styles
  • Allow for the explanations to be shown in a language that can be selected
Learning to vocalise what you read is one use case, learning Arabic is another and learning the Koran is a third. Wikisource has the potential to be a place for all three objectives.

There are always people who are interested in reading the source documents about a religion, any religion. The great thing of Wikisource is that you can include the wikilinks explaining the terms that are ambiguous or obscure.

Typically these source documents are readily available and out of copyright. Including them in Wikisource will gain it more public. Wikisource is an obvious place because it has a reputation to keep up; the reputation that original documents are original.

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