Sunday, July 22, 2012

Levels of competence for #Arabic in #Wikipedia

As my competence in the Arabic language is growing, I added Arabic in my Babel information. To my amazement what I read is wrong. The "ba" is written on its own while it should be connected with the following "aliph". It is one of those peculiarities of the Arabic script that a character like the "ba" is expressed depending on its position in a word.

I had a look at to understand why it is wrong; as you can see the "ba" or пе is 
connected to a wiki link and the word is not formatted after what is in the variable.

It is fun to learn other languages. What is really amazing is that I can find glaring issues like this one.


Amir said...

This must be a bug in Google Chrome. Yet another one ;)

Amir said...

Reported: .

Thanks for writing about this.