Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Multilingual cluefull bots

The #BBC writes that #Wikipedia without its bots is doomed. It is a good story, a happy story and well worth a read. Wikipedia as you know is not only the English language Wikipedia, there are over 280 Wikipedias in different languages. They are not all created equal; most of the smaller Wikipedias have less than 100.000 articles, a small community of editors and their own issues with people who think it funny to write penis wherever they can.

The BBC article writes about "Cluebot NG" and is said to reside on a computer somewhere. It would be a great project to move Cluebot NG to a Wikimedia server and make instances for all the other languages. First for the 40 something languages with more than 100.000 articles and when its lessons are learned there may be scope to expand.

There is a committee supervising the bot activities, it will be wonderful when it has the potential to expand its expertise as widely as possible.
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