Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Something positive to say about #Apple

Apple is innovative, it routinely adds new functionality and quality to its products. Many people love Apple products and pay a healthy premium for the latest and greatest.

One of the recent innovations goes by the name of "retina display". It is a high resolution screen of such quality that the human eye does no longer see individual pixels. Innovations like the retina display add demand for high quality images and, it does stimulate the use of high quality images and the use of SVG or scalable vector graphics in WMF projects like Commons and Wikipedia.

The improved technology used in Apple hardware stimulates quality improvements at content providers. In this way Apple stimulates a healthy and innovating content ecosystem. As other hardware suppliers are continuously catching up with the leader of the pack, there is real value in buying Apple.

I did  it, nothing negative to read in this post about Apple.

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