Thursday, April 25, 2013

#OmegaWiki works and so can #Wikidata

OmegaWiki provides functionality that is on the agenda for Wikidata. The OmegaWiki community has ALWAYS wanted to be a Wikimedia project.

What it already provides is:
  • links to Wikipedia articles in other languages when the article does NOT exist in the preferred language
  • links to a commons category associated with a concept
  • a picture painting the thousand words associated with the concept
Yes, it is quite shocking; it also provides multi lingual dictionary support. OmegaWiki has even been described in a book on the development of lexicography.

Both OmegaWiki and Wikidata are "right in front of us" and, the functionality described above is imho "right for us". The challenge we face is to do something that is "shockingly rare"; meet halfway.

The road towards such a meeting could be:
  • Adopt OmegaWiki by the WMF in a labs kinda construction
  • Create the logical requirements of OmegaWiki data in Wikidata
  • Convert the OmegaWiki content to Wikidata technology
  • See how it fits in the big picture
  • Make it fit in the big picture
We do not need much talk and, the amount of work needed is relatively minor. The benefits are legion because even when all the OmegaWiki data is not used in the end, the lessons learned will be.
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