Tuesday, May 07, 2013

#Lua template wanted for use of #Wikidata in #Wikipedia

Denny said some magical words to me;

  • you can convert a list of Wikipedia wiki links to links to Wikidata using Lua
  • you can check if there is an article on THIS Wikipedia
  • you will show the Wikidata data when there is no article
He even said that it is not hard to do and provided this as a pointer.

I am preparing a Wikidata workshop and I would be REALLY pleased when this list was available doing all the song and dance mentioned above. There are so many other lists that could benefit from this as well. 

I am convinced that such functionality will motivate people to write stubs and articles on subjects that are important to them. I am also convinced that it is a powerful incentive to create data that accomplishes things like this.


Anonymous said...

Gerard, on http://test2.wikipedia.org/ i prepaired some LUA scripts for wikidata. Currently it can oly retreve information about the current article.

See Germany for an example. The bottom part a LUA script that list of all properties for the current acticle, and there is also a script that lists the full table of a claim (including qualifiers etc.


Gerard Meijssen said...

Being able to retrieve information about other an article is not needed at first..

What is needed is the name of an article in the language of the wiki.