Saturday, August 17, 2013

A challenge: 20.248 #Wikipedia articles with script errors

When you add references to #Wikidata of relevant images, by magic they will appear on the Occitan Wikipedia. I did that by adding a picture to the Wikidata entry for Ahmad Tajuddin, the 27th Sultan of Brunei.

It was a random selection of a person mentioned on a list with 20.248 articles with script errors. The number is big but it is probably only one template that is generating all those errors. The edit page says:
I checked out a small number of other articles on this list and they all include this same template.

Some say that Wikidata is about big numbers and I am impressed that all these articles probably refer to Wikidata. The one thing I am curious about is how long it will take for the list to clear once the script has been fixed.

First things first; who is going to fix the script.
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