Thursday, August 22, 2013

Follow up of a #Wikipedia editathon

Hypatia Bradlaugh Bonner is notable enough if nowadays a bit obscure to be worthy of her own Wikipedia article. You may have seen the picture in a blog post of Wikimedia UK.

I was intrigued if the article was already known in Wikidata. To my amazement the only article about her was in the Dutch Wikipedia. I added the English article and from the text I added information that is pertinent about Mrs Bradlaugh Bonner. The reasonator makes a nicely formatted view of the available information for you.

As Mrs Bradlaugh Bonner is an author, I was sure that there will be a record in one of the standard resources like VIAF. There is and from there a wealth of other information is available.

One thing I learned in the process is that according to Wikidata, "atheism" is a label used together with "religion".

What I am interested in is if a bot will pick up on the data that I gleaned from the Wikipedia articles and bring us something we do not know yet.

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