Friday, August 16, 2013

How about featured #Wikidata effort

Both #Wikipedia and #Commons feature their best efforts. As a consequence there are people working really hard to raise the game of articles and images.  The requirements for a successful featured picture or article are quite steep. There are even workshops that teach people how to fulfil all the requirements. It does have an effect if only to raise awareness of the need for quality.

Wikidata is a young project. Some people say it is a project where meta-guys and girls work on large data sets connecting to other resources and blah blah blah. There is that and I find it hard to follow all the blah blah blah because what they do is not explained in words that I understand. It is not shown in a way that I can see and understand.

At the same time there is a lot of interesting and relevant work done. When this can be explained and visualised it will make it more appealing to work on Wikidata. The trick will be to come up with criteria for a "Featured Wikidata effort".
  • new functionality in Wikidata itself that enlarges what you can express in Wikidata
  • new or improved functionality to visualise related data
  • new data entered into Wikidata manually of related information
  • new or improved functionality in a Wikimedia project that makes use of Wikidata data
  • new or improved functionality that improves the multi lingual use of data
  • new or improved functionality to use Wikidata to curate information
  • an effort in a WM project that will positively impact Wikidata
These are the things I am looking for in Wikidata. When something ticks one of these boxes I am likely to blog about it. I would love to have more reasons to blog but it would be much better when even more eyes learn about the wonderful effort that is taking place in the Wiki data community.

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