Thursday, August 29, 2013

Reviving my bot for #Wikidata IV

An appropriate response of a fixed bug is .. more testing. The did get a bug fixed so testing the latest and greatest was in order. The bug has been fixed. I am grateful so it was time to do run attempt to import more data from Wikipedia and do some more testing at the same time.

At this time I am importing political party information from templates of obvious politicians; people who are for instance in a category like "Presidents of Argentina". I found new bugs..
  • When there is no party indicated, the bot aborts
  • When the party is a "red link", the bot aborts
  • When there are multiple parties indicated, it only adds the first one
I also found that there are Wikipedia articles without a Wikidata entry, they are ignored. 

I am really happy with the help I get in running the pywikipedia software. It becomes however obvious that importing data from Wikipedia into Wikidata in this way is not mature.

PS I imported some 400+ records while testing :)
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