Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Hammadids of #Algeria

#Wikidata can be #fun. This time it was possible by combining data from several Wikipedias to make a complete list of both the succession of the "sultans" and to complete the genealogy of these people.

Completing such things are not always that straightforward, in this case I found that three rulers were cousins so they had the same grandfather. When one of them is called Nasir ibn Alnas, you can deduce that his father was called Alnas ibn Hammad. As there is no Wikipedia article for several of the Hammadids, I added these missing links in Wikidata.

The Hammadid dynasty occupied their territory and at some stage this territory was absorbed by the Almohad caliphate. Something that does not become clear in the English Wikipedia. The growth and decline of many of these African territories can be nicely seen in this animated map. What would be nice if maps like these are linked for the rulers to Wikidata. It would provide the key to data in many languages.
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