Friday, August 16, 2013

What to do when #Wikipedia does not provide the information II

King Abd al-Rahman of #Morocco was a nephew of the king that preceded him. His father of mother were probably brothers of king Slimane. As long as I did not know exactly how they are related, the genealogy tool made by Magnus will not show all the rulers of the Alaouite dynasty.

So I did all the usual things to find out:

  • I googled
  • I went to the library
  • I blogged about it
  • I asked on Facebook in a SIG with many people from Morocco
All this did not work.. So I asked a friend at the Tropenmuseum. He asked Mohamed Saadouni who told me that "Moulay Abderrahman is the son of Moulay Hicham, a brother of Moulay Slimane". He even provided me with a reference.

When you are adding statements to Wikidata, it helps when you can can get satisfaction out of the visualisation of the facts. Moulay Hicham exists at this time only in Wikidata, t would be good when be showed as a "red link" as there is no article in any Wikipedia about him. i

When you add data on subjects that have their basis in Africa, you will find that the information in Wikipedia is spotty and that it is very much seen from Western eyes. I am for instance not convinced that Morocco was a sultanate. He is called Moulay Hicham and Wikipedia makes "moulay" equal to "Prince". The current "King" is actually a "Malik".. I do not know enough so I remain puzzled.

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