Friday, August 23, 2013

#Wikidata: Infoboxes task force

At #Wikidata you can only add those properties that are accepted by the Wikidata community. This means that much data that exists in many infoboxes does not make it into Wikidata .. yet. This is what the "Infoboxes task force" is there for to facilitate.

When you look at their page, you find how they are organised; they are organised around the P107, the main type (GND). As has been reported before, that property is about to be deleted and consequently this approach is obsolete.

So another approach is needed. Given that there is no longer the fixed structure that has burdened progress so far, something more flexible is possible. At the same time we need something that has been given a lot of though and is workable. Waiting however for the thinking to end is not really an option given how fast Wikidata is growing bigger.

DBpedia has done nothing but try to make sense out of the infoboxes of the many Wikipedias. If anything I would like the Infoboxes task force to accept the work done at DBpedia and consider the properties that they came up with.
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