Friday, August 23, 2013

#Wikidata needs more data to be useful II

The proposal to require bots to provide sources has been closed. I am really appreciative that it has been rejected.

The stage is set for bots to add much more data. Data from sources that are deemed reliable. There is a lot of data out there and as it finds its way into Wikidata, it finds its way into many Wikipedias like the Occitan Wikipedia.

Even with bots adding the bulk of the data to Wikidata, there is so much more data in Wikipedia that they just cannot parse. Check out the article about the Kingdom of Nekor and particularly the part of the rulers. It is a mess, I can hardly make sense out of it. But it is relevant as part of the history of Morocco.

When data has been entered, it can be sourced later and it can be compared to other repositories of data. The German Wikipedia community has a project with the Deutsche National Bibliothek where they collaborate on dates of birth and dates of death. This is the kind of cooperation where we need our community to concentrate on. This is how we make an even bigger impact.

Anyway, the proposal has been defeated and Wikidata can now move on and increase its relevance.
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