Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#GSOC - #DBpedia and #Wikidata

The most interesting Google Summer of Code proposal I have seen for 2014 is this one.
4.7. Clean DBpedia datasets and import in Wikidata
The student who will take this task will be responsible for two things:
Clean up the DBpedia errors based on the output of Databugger ( or similar. With this the student will generate a more sparse but cleaner dump of DBpedia that will be of general use.
Communicate with the Wikidata community in order to coordinate the import of (parts of) the cleaned datasets and re-use the connections of DBpedia to fetch additional data for Wikidata import.
Mentors: Dimitris Kontokostas, Magnus Knuth (co-mentor)
As far as I am aware they are still looking for a candidate to choose this project. This project is totally relevant and it is exactly the kind of repeatable process that Wikidata should have. By having this project done to DBpedia standards, it is ensured that the baseline will be stable and the results will be repeated regularly.

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