Thursday, March 27, 2014

#Monuments of #Switzerland

The problem with #data is, how do you keep it all up to date. For the monuments of Switzerland much of the data is kept on the toolserver. It works just fine.

Wikidata has matured enough to include much if not all of that same data. Missing in the official functionality are the tools to make use of it. Yes, you can store information on the connected Wikipedia articles but that is not the same as using it to administer a project like Wiki loves Monuments.

Un-official functionality meanwhile does provide much of what is needed. This is a list of all the monuments known to Wikidata in Switzerland. I added 86 pictures to the Wikidata items using the WD-Fist functionality.

As more tools get connected, these tools are increasingly attractive to use for a project. One big advantage of Wikidata is that you do not need to have an article for every monument you know about.

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