Sunday, March 16, 2014

#Reasonator - #Cambridge revisited III

Putting #Wikidata #data on a #map is one way of providing #information. Collecting geo-coordinates and not giving it a use is at best "anticipatory". Putting items on a map has been done before but it has all been incidental. It showed off the promise of "Yes, we can". Reasonator does go beyond the promise; it delivers. When an item has a geo-coordinate, you will have the option to look for all the items that are in a range of 15km of that item.

It works for any place on any continent. You will get a map and, you can alter the radius, you can zoom in and zoom out. You can do this for Rio de Janeiro, Cambridge, Almere and Disney land.

The magic of maps is brought to Reasonator and consequently, it is for you to make the most of it. You can put more items on the map by adding geo-coordinates where they are missing. That is obvious. What we are interested in what you will come up with.

As always with a first iteration of functionality, it could do with improvements.. Any ideas??

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