Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#Reasonator statistics

The Reasonator statistics are constantly updated. Most attention is given to the overall page views but the break down per language is probably as interesting.

The percentage of visitors in Spanish is practically the same for Reasonator and Wikipedia: 14.4% and 14,5%. Of equal interest is the growth for Persian, it adopted extended Wikidata search and now the numbers are going up.

When you compare Chinese with Tamil, it is obvious that the Chinese are not yet aware of Reasonator and the power of Wikidata. More involvement of the Chinese in Wikidata would be awesome because many of the items exclusive to Chinese can do with statements, with labels in other languages and often with merging.

Equally interesting is that some languages are lacking in interest. I represent probably most of the page views in Dutch. The Germans are also very much underrepresented.

What I would love to know is to what extend these numbers are similar to the numbers of people adding to Wikidata.

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