Monday, March 03, 2014

#Wikidata - #bots help place objects on the #map

The Sanandaj airport "is in the administrative-territorial entity" of the "Howmeh Rural District". Information like this is harvested by a bot from a template in Wikipedia. It checks that the lowest level of such an entity is registered. When for instance a "province" is registered in stead of the "county", the province will be replaced. In this way we make good use of the available information and the information provided gains in relevance.

For some countries it is the first time this functionality runs. It will make an impact on Nepal and Iran for instance. On other countries it will be at least a second run. The USA for instance will see changes to many if not all counties, townships and cities.

When the complete administrative or territorial structure for a country is available, the Reasonator will bring the best out of the available information. This will show even more clearly when categories and lists include the statements that run the relevant queries. The result can be compared with the content of the lists and categories. This makes for a tool that helps people complete the information provided in their Wikipedia.

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