Sunday, March 02, 2014

#Wikidata - missing interwiki links

In the last few months many items were added to Wikidata for #Wikipedia articles that did not have any known interwiki links. They were added wholesale or they were added one at a time. One at a time to include a missing relative or to add the missing village in a district or ...

When they are added, there is no attention for possible interwiki links. Where to start? There are 280+ candidates where there could be an article.

In the Wikimedia Research Newsletter of Februari 2014, it is suggested that "transitivity is a moot point". This is wrong for two reasons: only two languages are considered and Wikidata does not change the mechanics in such a study. The second reason is that while Wikidata has a sizeable amount of contributors, it is not obvious at all what people are working on or that things changed that much from before the introduction of inter language links in Wikidata.

I like this research and as far as I am concerned there may well be 165,000 missing links for the combination English and Portuguese. There are plenty items that have missing article links and, there are plenty items in Wikidata that should be merged.

I cannot wait for research that takes Wikidata seriously and does not start from false assumptions.

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