Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#Wikidata - the replication to #Labs works again

The #Reasonator uses Wikidata data and to make sure that its data is always close to "up to date", a replication processupdates Reasonator every 10 minutes or so. To do this, it needs a Wikidata dump and, incremental backups are really nice to have. Once the latest available back ups are included, replication will pick the later changes up and, the result can be something like all the members of the Lok Sahha.

The Lok Sabha is the lower chamber of parliament in India. Reasonator showss the first 500 members known in Wikidata and, the rest you can see using AutoList.

Saturday there is a edit-a-thon in India. They will write about the female members of the Lok Sabha. We can make a query for this as well. As labels in the languages of India are added to Wikidata, these parliamentarians will be found when you search for them because all the Wikipedias of India make use of Wikidata extended search.

In this way, we make another step in sharing in the sum of all knowledge.

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