Wednesday, March 05, 2014

#Wikidata - the seventeen townships of Boone county #Iowa

There are multiple Boone counties and this is about Boone county in Iowa. Recently there were some issues with the reliability of the data used by Reasonator. Data was missing; it did not show. For several days we have been getting the data right that should show in the "Category:Townships in Boone County, Iowa". Seventeen townships should show up. Initially none showed up.

Now several days later, the migration of Wikimedia labs has happened. The dump of Wikidata finished but it did not find its way to where it was expected to be, the IP address for the proxy for the changes to Wikidata had changed, the incremental backups of Wikidata have been suspended during the move and, life goes on regardless.

The big thing in all this is the migration of Wikimedia labs. It is under way it has been well prepared and a lot of TLC is given by Coren and the other labs staff to the people who want their tools migrated. They are doing an impressive job. The incremental backups are one of those jobs that were created on the fly and gained unexpected relevance. At some point in time they will be running again at their new home.

Some of the missing townships did not even show when everything was supposed to be good. Further analysis indicated that they have to be both a township and be in Boone County, Iowa. Now that they are and do, they show up all right.

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