Monday, March 03, 2014

#Wikidata - a village in #Iran

Both the Persian language Wikipedia and the English language Wikipedia have articles on villages, cities, qanaats, rivers and cultural heritage sites in Iran. The first goal Wikidata addressed is connecting the articles on the same topic. The village of Shurabeh-ye Sofla Do is a village in Iran. It is not connected to one of the many unconnected items that are villages in Iran but written in Persian.

When the villages and associated information are properly annotated with statements, it becomes easier to recognise that what the en.wp offers and what the fa.wp offers is the same. As it is, it is just obvious that there is a need for people who care about subjects like the villages, municipalities, counties and districts in practically every country.

My impression is that with the move of the interlanguage links or interwiki links to Wikidata, many people who were involved in creating such links have moved to something new to do. The need for their bots was no longer there.

Obviously an impression is just that. It takes research to learn if an observation truly reflects what is happening.

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