Monday, March 10, 2014

#Wikipedia - The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Achievement Award

When you search for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Achievement Award in Wikipedia, you will find no article, no category and no list. You may find that it was awarded to Mr Oscar Peterson. When you search the web, there is not much to be found except that the Center for Black Culture and Research currently organises and presents the award.

There are many awards that are presented to people and, they are all considered to be notable by their peers. Another award that does not have an article, a category of a list is the Loyola Medal. It is just another award presented to Mr Peterson.

When people want to express the best what a specific demographic has to offer, awards are a wonderful thing. They express notability, gratitude, appreciation. Wikidata is a proper place to register awards and the people who receive awards. It is easy, it is obvious and the relevance of an award grows when the information about the people or organisations who were awarded becomes more complete.

NB the information about awards given to Mr Peterson is still incomplete.

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