Thursday, March 13, 2014

#Wikipedia is static ... that is ok-ish

Dobrodole is a village in Montenegro. There is no article in the English language Wikipedia. All that was known at Wikidata was the existence of an article in three languages and its coordinates.

That is enough to present these three maps. Actually, it is the same map but each has a slightly different orientation. When you want to use a map, all you need are coordinates. It is that simple.

Theoretically it is not much different in a Wikipedia. It starts with ... do I want to show a map. When you do, you can. When you want to do it "right" and scalable, it may be that you want to be able to cache the maps. However, before that becomes a problem, the wish for a map has to be expressed in some way in an article.

Yes, there are templates that can turn this on rather quickly. The question is not can this be done but how long does it take for a community to agree to anything.

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