Thursday, April 24, 2014

Adrianne.. "we can edit"

Adrianne is one of the few Wikipedians who has her own articles and, deservedly so. It is sad that she had to die to get them and it is sad to see that some do not recognise her notability and want her article deleted. They cite policy. It used to be policy to "ignore all rules"..

Never mind, but I do. Given that someone who played just once a professional game of soccer is "notable" enough for an article is proof enough for me that Wikipedia has some dumb notions of notability.

To honour Adrianne editathons are organised and everybody is invited to join. To quote the convocation:
Her work is recognized internationally as helping to encourage more women to contribute to Wikipedia to tackle the gender gap and systemic bias in its content. Wadewitz was one of the first academics to bring Wikipedia into the classroom as part of the Wikipedia Education Program, working with her students to improve Wikipedia instead of writing traditional term papers. 
As anyone can join, we have done some work adding more humans to Wikidata and indicating their sexes. As Wikidata gains more data, its data will reflect more accurately what the sex ratio is for any given Wikipedia. There are 1.45% more humans, 1.13% more men and 1.15% more women since last 
Sunday. It was suggested to harvest information from the Frau and Mann category from the German Wikipedia and, they prove to be a rich resource of data.

Obviously only knowing the gender of a human is not really interesting. What is interesting is to know the number of **Whatever** award for its sex ratio or the number of professionals in a field.  Or the sex ratio of professors from 1960 to 1970.. At this time Wikidata does not have enough data to have a clue. As it gains more data, the results slowly but surely become statistically significant. I am sure some statisticians are able to say when Wikidata has enough data.

I am sure Adrianne would applaud this development.

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