Wednesday, April 09, 2014

#Quality - the dead as we know them

Both the German and the English Wikipedia have a category that includes everyone that died in a particular year. Currently they include 724 and 1530 people. Obviously people died that do not have an article in either Wikipedia.

All the dead registered in Wikidata for 2014 account for 1724 people. It demonstrates some quality because the death of more notable people is known than in either or both Wikipedias.

There are some Chinese and some Russian people among them. Some people from Spain, Chile and Argentina. From India, the Cook Islands and Sweden.  Many notable people from these and other countries are missing.

When we do, they will show up on the date of their death. When you look at today, April 9 2014, there are currently two people known to have died. One is from Serbia, the other is from Trinidad and Tobago. This number will grow. Showing it in the Reasonator is already a good thing. A next step would be to create a tool that will inform all projects about the people that have died in the last year.

Quality is measured by comparison, it becomes valuable when the information can be acted upon.

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