Friday, April 25, 2014

#ToolScript - Where is that script

The best tools are the tools that are used. As they are used, they get maintained. More functionality gets added and, at some stage it breaks the ability to add more. This is why ToolScript brings tools together it has the output of one tool as the input for the next. It brings us all the dead of 2014 that are NOT known as dead in Wikidata.

One problem is that you have to copy a script into the ToolScript every time. This proved to be a major nuisance and as Magnus eats his own dog food, a solution was found by importing scripts from "Pastebin".

The new script in Pastebin is a big improvement over the last one. It indicates the major variables on top. The category and the language that is considered and, the missing property in Wikidata. Even I can use it and change it for my purposes.

Other people like Amir, could take this even further when the result of ToolScript is in the format of an API; this will enable him to develop all kinds of wonderful stuff on top of the results.

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