Monday, April 28, 2014

#Wikidata - #diversity

The Premio Nacional Eugenio Espejo is the national prize of the nation of Ecuador. One of the recipients, Mr Theo Constanté died yesterday and consequently this fact was registered at Wikidata.

It is the aim at Wikidata to provide enough diversity in the coverage of its subjects and the quality of its information. The Premio Nacional Eugenio Espejo was not really known; Mr Constanté was the first known recipient so a bit more information was added to this award.

The winners of 2013 were added as well. Only one of them was known as a "human". The award has been established in 1975 and it seems obvious that when Ecuador's finest get less than sterling attention most notable people from Ecuador do not get proper attention.

When Wikipedia and Wikidata for that matter are inclusive enough, when enough information is available about Ecuador, they will get more attention. More readers and as important, more editors.

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