Saturday, April 19, 2014

#Wikidata - Eli Saslow, Pullitzer prize and George Polk award winner

No #Wikipedia article for Mr Saslow yet though. Some work is done on the George Polk award and, it was found that among many others, Mr Saslow was missing.

To demonstrate the potential for quality of Wikidata, missing winners were added. Some of the issues that were found were:

  • people do not have an article
  • people are not part of the George Polk awards recipients category
  • people do not have a Wikidata item
  • some of the recipients are not people
Mr Saslow is a great example of a person who you would expect to have a Wikipedia article. But given the way the community works, he will get one once someone feels the need to write it.

When journalism and sharing information is important for you, consider this: the Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting currently has only one recipient.. Mr Saslow. His alma mater has three alumni, two more were added for him not to be alone. His employer, a major quality newspaper, has one employee .. 

But still, the fact that Wikidata does know these things demonstrates that its quality is improving.

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