Saturday, April 19, 2014

#Wikidata - Heroes of the Soviet Union

On the Russian Wikipedia, there are 10898 entries in the category for heroes of the Soviet Union. Only 9740 of them have a Wikidata item. With the Creator tool it is easy to add the missing 1158 items. It gently adds them one at a time.

Adding statements for over 10.000 heroes is a bit too much for the AutoList tool. There are several edits to make. First, all the people are a human and then they have to receive the recognition in Wikidata for the hero they are.

It is much better to use a bot for this. What clinges it is that many people on the Russian Wikipedia have a template with much more information than just this one award. Things like dates of birth and death, places of birth and death. Other awards they have received..

The Russian Wikipedia is a really rich resource and it will be wonderful when more of its information is reflected in Wikidata.

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