Thursday, April 03, 2014

#Wikidata - killing off zombies

I was brave, I killed off many of the zombies of the class of 2014. It felt good but then, new zombies showed up.

I killed off hundreds of them and, more are coming. There are the ones of last year and, the year before last. There are the many, many more from before 1900.

It is overwhelming.. How do I get away from it all? Do I need a bicycle because it runs quiet, a motorcycle because it is fast, a zeppelin...

Actually, I may need an army of drones that mindlessly looks up the data of the dead and expires them all.. Tirelessly, one at a time..

When such drones have worked their way through them all, we have a fighting chance. A chance to know the dead stay properly dead. It will give us the quality time to remember them for who they once were.

When we expire at Wikidata the ones who are dead, we do inform the projects who care about these people. If they are on a watch-list, they will show up as dead. That is one way of keeping on top of the zombie menace and, it is the best way of improving quality all around.

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