Sunday, April 13, 2014

#Wikidata - ประนอม รัชตพันธุ

When #Quality is the objective and when quality is to be measured, it helps when there is something that demonstrates how Wikidata provides quality. The 2014 deaths provides a great opportunity; currently we know about 2108 people who died.

Making this list complete is not always that easy, the lady whose portrait you see, has an article on the Thai Wikipedia it is indicated that she died and, with Google translate I find the following:
Born October 1, 2457
Province, Thailand
Died 17 January 2557 (99 years).
Thailand Nationality
The Thai dates have to be converted to Gregorian dates, it is great that there is functionality around that helps with the necessary conversion. The question that is if our Thai users can enter their dates in the Thai format.

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