Thursday, April 17, 2014

#Wikimedia #Commons - Mr Tadeusz Łobos

The picture that illustrates the article about Mr  Łobos is licensed under the CC-by-sa license. Consequently it is a picture that should be available for use in Wikidata. It is not because it was not uploaded to Commons.

When a picture like this one is to be made generally available, it has to be uploaded again to Commons. It is a hassle and another round of bureaucracy will decide if this picture may remain at Commons.

There are many pictures that should be generally available and are not. In a similar way there are many pictures that are considered to be not generally available and as a consequence are no longer available at all.

All media files are equal in that they are in need of the same quality of meta-data and they are all equal in that their copyright and license situation is the same never mind where they have been uploaded.

The consequence is that the scope of a Wikidata approach to media files should not restrict itself to Commons.

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