Sunday, June 22, 2014

#Wikidata - #Russia; member of the State Duma

There is great information about the current members of the State Duma. It is available on the website of the Duma. It is available in Russian and English. The only thing in the way of a claimed copyright is that you refer back to the website.

At this time Wikidata did not know that members of the Duma are politicians. A process is underway to make them members of the Duma in the first place (357 and counting).

It is important to know who represents the power that is inherent in a parliament and, it such information should not only be available for the usual countries like those in the "West". We should know about the Chinese, Russians, Iraqi, Indonesian, Filipino, Lybian .. parliamentarians. These people make a difference, they get in the news for good and bad reasons.

They are all notable.

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