Saturday, June 21, 2014

#Wikidata - #Suriname; its National Assembly

#Suriname has like so many other countries a parliament. Its National Assembly has 51 members and, its website provides basic information for all of them.

Dutch and Srananang are languages spoken in Suriname with a Wikipedia and both do not have articles for all the members of the National Assembly. At that it is not special.

For all the current members of the National Assembly a Wikidata item has been created. For all of them the electoral district they represent has been added. The Suriname electoral districts are different in that multiple people represent the same district.

With basic information about members of a parliament, it becomes possible to at least find them in Wikimedia Foundation projects. When people take an interest and flesh out the information about them, people may become informed about the people that represent them. What has been done for Suriname is basic but, it is a start.

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