Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#Mediawiki - the #Media viewer

The #Wikimedia Foundation has a problem with people accepting new functionality. The reasons why are often irrational and steeped in conservatism but that is another story. A blog post does not help much at that.

What may help is the assessment of bugs. In bug 68372 it has been identified that in certain browsers a name like MilutinDostanić.jpg will show up properly in the URL when seen from Commons and not from within the Mediaviewer. The Mediaviewer will show it like MilutinDostani%C4%87.jpg.

Technically, technically there is nothing wrong with that. From a user perspective it looks like shit. When a bug is closed because technically there is nothing wrong and a difference in behaviour is not considered as being of enough relevance, a user gets pissed off.

When bugs are reported and when user acceptance is important, differences between expected behaviour and actual behaviour become important because they are often what prevents acceptance of new functionality.

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