Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#Pywikibot - wants you to peek under the hood

For most #Wikimedia projects, Pywikibot has proven itself to be a trusted hard working tool. Literally millions and millions of edits were only possible because of the people operating the bot.

Before Wikidata, the interlanguage links were maintained by what was called "pywikipedia" bot. Now Wikipedia has been harvested for information with this bot to enrich Wikidata.

As time goes by, the architecture of MediaWiki has changed a lot. Consequently Pywikibot had to evolve as well. Its architecture changed as a result; it aims to use the latest API and other MediaWiki functionality.

From July 24th, 2014 and ending on Sunday, July 27th there will be a big online event to learn what more needs to be done for Pywikibot. What bugs need an urgent fix, what features are missing or incomplete. Obviously, it is a also time to look at the code and look for "bit rot".

It would be awesome when more people who care for the Wikimedia projects and know their Python get involved and ensure that Pywikibot will remain the meanest and most powerful bot platform around.

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