Sunday, July 06, 2014

#Wikidata - #European #parliament

The European parliament is in many ways a funny institution. Its parliamentarians represent the people of Europe, but the way they are chosen can be ever so different. It reflects the electoral system of the country they are from and as a consequence it is a bit like in Animal Farm where they are all thought to be equal as well.

Compare for instance the UK with the Netherlands; the UK knows electoral districts while the Netherlands has party representation. Arguably a British MeP represents only its district while the Dutch MeP represent a percentage of the population that voted for a specific party.

Wikipedia and by inference Wikidata knows about many European parliamentarians past and present. All of them have a career before and after their term in the European parliament and, to understand them and who and what they represent, it is important to know about this. You may find soccer stars, professors and any other occupation imaginable. You may find career politicians and "self made men/women".

On Wikidata a group of people have an interest in adding information about all MEP's. Once information has been added, it is in principle available in all the languages of the European Union. When your language is not one of them, there is nothing stopping you from adding labels for your language and enjoy as much information as we can bring to you.

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