Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#Wikidata - a letter from Mr #Modi

I receive a letter on behalf of Mr Modi, the prime minister of India. It is an invitation to give input to the PM for the transformation of India. The idea is to connect people and their elected representatives effectively.

I am not from India but I am pleased with this invite. My suggestion is obvious; I want the people of India and the world to know about all the members of the Lok Sabha past and present.

In all the Wikipedias and Wikidata we know about many of them. For some we know their political affiliation, for others we do not. For some we know their gender and for a few we do not. For most of the representatives we do not know if they studied and where.

Mr Modi, having this information in Wikidata makes it easy to learn about the elected representatives of India. To find them, their name as written in any language needs to be provided only once.  Mr Modi, India is relatively well served in this but it would be appreciated when more facts are available.

You will be inundated with ideas that may transform India. Having information in all the official languages of India about politicians past and present will bring them closer to the people they represent. It will be appreciated when you give our project your blessing.

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