Thursday, July 17, 2014

#Wikidata - many more edits

It is so easy to add a lot of information to Wikidata. Mr Wekwerth died for instance. You read his article and, you find a category indicating that he was awarded the order of Karl Marx. They were 437 edits for me because I added all the people in the category using Autolist2.

There are many more categories on the profile of Mr Wekwerth and arguably each one establishes Mr Wekwerth more in who he was and the people, places and occurrences he was connected to.

Typically I do only one category for one person who died. When that someone was a bishop, I know him to be a priest. They are some 777 edits I am adding at the moment. It could have been a diplomat or Wikidata does not even know that the person is "human"..

Adding an additional 100K edits is not that hard. It does enrich Wikidata and the results are obvious when you regularly wander using the Reasonator or when you add the dates of death to those who died like I do.

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