Tuesday, July 08, 2014

#Wikidata - Mr Amitabh #Bachchan, #politician

Who says that politicians cannot be sexy? Mr Bachchan, a hero of the Indian cinema used to be a politician. He is one of 2313 people known to be or have been a member of the Lok Sabha.

When you read the Wikipedia article, there is a wealth of information that could be added to Wikidata as well. It is for instance suggested that Mr Bachchan was a member of the Rajya Sabha as well. There have been all kinds of issues that made Mr Bachchan leave the Lok Sabha in disgust. Issues that could have / should have their own articles.

When you look consider all the people who have been members of the Lok Sabha, it is obvious that they either represented political parties or were elected as an independent. From the article it is not clear what party Mr Bachchan represented.

You can imagine that when one politician can raise so many questions, 2313 politicians represent a bigger challenge. Having such information available is important. It is how people can inform themselves who is or who has represented them politically in their country.

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