Thursday, July 24, 2014

#Wikipedia - the death of Eric Garner

Mr Garner died in New York. For whatever reason he was held in a choke hold by a police officer. Because of the stress or whatever, Mr Garner died of a cardiac arrest. Sadly there are many such incidents in the United States. It is not that strange given how much violence in all kind of forms is celebrated. It is not strange when many police officers think they are invulnerable to any critique.

It is a sad story, it is a news worthy story but it is not a story worthy of an encyclopedia. At best it is worthy of a footnote in an article on police behaviour in 2014. Given that there is a Wikipedia article, there is a Wikidata item. Given that Wikidata has the aspiration to include Wikinews, it may not be that bad but still.

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